Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Even though there weren't a whole lot of my Facebook friends who came, the BBQ was wonderful. Chance ended up inviting Dan & Brandi and their daughter Charlie, and Jason Bednar. It was a nice evening, and I'd say a success overall.

I'm hoping to go to Gramma's this weekend, but also I'd love to hit the IPE and the Drive in for the last showing of the seaon of Transformers and Bourne Ultimatum...I'ma lso hoping to drag Hekter to it, since I told him forever ago I'd go see Transformers with him.

Even though the house wasn't as spotless as I wanted it to be, it still wasn't bad.

Yesterday I spent 5 1/2 hours cleaning, and am disappointed that I got little done. In any event, I'll be going back tommorow, and hopefully am dropping the kids off at daycare (if they have room, if not, we'll figure something out). I'm going to buy their washer and dryer off of them, as they are in better shape than the ones we have here (may require a new belt, but works very well I believe).

(Post Carried on from yesterday)

Today I dropped the kids off at daycare and spent 6 hours cleaning at Deb's.

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