Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ei Yi Yi

Yesterday we canned peaches, and it took pretty much the whole day, and wore me right out. I got home and plopped on the couch for an hour before I could do anything.
We decided to go bowling, and I'm afraid to admit i came in last place for the first game. We went ten pin bowling over at McCurdy Lanes and Ni was amazed at how updated and new it was, and how big. She and D both had their first shot at it, and both of them whooped all over me.
Today we went shopping for new school stuff for D. I went overboard and spent, like, 275 bux at Wal Mart on clothing, shoes, a new backpack and lunch bag. I also spent 63 on a new jacket for him (not really needed so I can take it back) and a 55 on a new bra for myself (something I haven't bought since I had H) plus a couple of gifts cards.
Spent a lot of money today, and am feeling pretty guilty about it. Am contemplating taking back the jacket, and about 3 outfits that aren't really needed. I've never been school clothes shopping before, I don't know what to get or how much, so I did my usual and over did it.
Anyhow, sent out two boxes to my friend Jill of baby stuff, and have probly about 4 shoe-boxes more, plus another bigger box of clothes that I got for free today at Baby Group.
It's been a busy week, but I don't mind it so much, it's been enjoyable but with stressful moments where I get a hug from Niamh to loosen me up.
Did I mention that I filled out an application at Wal Mart and got an on-the-spot interview? They said they'd call this week for a second interview, and I haven't heard from them yet...but I've been too busy to be worried. I told them I really was only interested in evenings and weekends, and that I only wanted to be hired cause I wanted the discounts...hehehe. The interview went well I believe, only because it didn't feel so formal I think.
Anyhow, tommorow we're gonna finish off the peaches by making jam, I have a Chiro appointment in the morning and later in the evening we're going swimming t JBMAC.
Tonight we had a "girly" night where we painted all of our nails (except mom and Hunter's) and had face masks put on. Ni, D, and I had the peel off kind while Chance had the warming kind. Both boys had both sets of nails done by Ni and I and we had a lot of fun. I even put on the fake set of nails I bought back in the beginning of spring. Got some pictures, but don't feel like putting them up just yet. I plan on finishing my nails with Happy Faces (toes, that is).
Anyhow, I guess I should get to bed.

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