Thursday, August 16, 2007


Was super hot out today, so it took us a little longer to walk home from Baby Group today, but it wasn't too bad. I bought one of their generic slushies from the Husky, and it tasted like a liquified Fruit Leather. Ew.
Baby Group was nice, got to chatting with some of the parents that I don't normally chat with, and visited wiht everyone before heading home.
Tommorow we're canning peaches down at the Wellness Center, and I'm hoping to get D into Daycare, but if not, oh well.
Just cooling off after the walk, not quite there yet, maybe another glass of water will do the trick.
Gotta clean up today, and do some organizing. I'm going to pick up Niamh on Sunday in Falkland and we'll have her for the week. I was originally going to put her&D in Day Camp but after taking a peek to see what it was, I realized it's not going on next week. SO, back to figuring out what to do while she's here. I know we'll go to the Drive in, but I'm not sure quite yet what else. We shall see...maybe we'll get to those places I wanted to get to but never had the opportunity.
back to my cleaning duties I spose...

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