Friday, August 31, 2007


I was so stressed lastnight, it was difficult to believe.
I hate working on a timed schedual for things, where everything has to be done or not at all.
I got my last few things acomplished from this week done today, so I feel much better about my time management.
When I arrived home from my chores for the day I found Wal Mart had called, and am disappointed that I didn't think to hook up the answering machine.
Darius'es first day of school is TUesday, on which I'll drive him down to check everything out, I hafta bring his birth certificate, and something else, can't member what. Anyhow, the first day is only from 8:15-11:30, so it's not too bad. D is real excited about taking a bus to school each day :o) He said he's gonna miss me while he's at school though, which almost in itself brought me to a breakdown. I'm dreading that day.
Today has been a very good day so far with the boys, and I'm content.
We got a new washer and dryer from Deb&Dwayne, which is nice, cause the ones we have just aren't making the grade right now. Just need a new belt in the future for the washer, which is ok I spose. I'm not going to complain, a dryer that can go on more settings than MED is good for me.
Planning on heading to the Drive-In tonight, it's their last weekend :o(. They're showing Transformers (yay!) and The Bourne Ultimatum. Chance left work early, so I'm hoping that we can maybe scootch up early and visit the IPE on our way by, even if it's just to ride a couple of rides with D. :o)
What a chaotic week! I hope we don't have another one like this in the near future cause I'd fall apart.
There's two concerts I'd like to see in October here, the Strength in Numbers Tour (Finger 11 and Sum 41) and David Usher is playing at Flashbacks. Both sound like a lot of fun, who know's if I'll actually get to go though.
Too busy, but hopefully this next week will be better.

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