Monday, August 20, 2007

Busy Weekend

Friday night just kinda lazed about.
Saturday we went thrift shopping and I got some baby clothes for my friend (just need to send them her way now) and a couple of nice dresses for myself. :o)
Afterwards we hooked up with Chance at the local Future Shop for the Arm Wrestling Competition for the Food Bank. It was nice, we signed up both Darius and Chance, but Darius didn't end up having anyone else sign up for his weight class, so he automatically got first place. He got a medal and a gift bag, both of which he was very proud of.
Sunday I went and picked up Niamh from Falkland and apparently i drive faster with no kids in my car cause I made it in an hour and 15 minutes, which is about 15-20 minutes faster than with kids.
Went to Scandia lastnight and played a round of golf, then wasted some tokens getting tickets, and got a large Die and a Free Pass for golf. :o) Was fun.
Uploaded pictures from Friday and Saturday to Flickr.

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