Friday, August 17, 2007

Today must be my productive day. Maybe the only one of the month...hehehe
Am picking up Niamh on Sunday, so today I'm making sure I get other stuff done cause even though I wanted to toss her and D into kids camp, I don't think I will. It's Aqua Adventures, but I can easily do that if I take them ot the beach everyday too. So, I figure I'll just see what we can get up to otherwise and have some fun together. Maybe I can just toss them in for one day.
In any event, I've scrubbed the tub, the sink, and vacuumed. Now I need to wash the floors, and maybe finish cleaning the counter and the toilet in the bathroom.
Lastnight neither of the boys wanted to let me sleep, so even though I'm exhausted I know stuff needs to be done, so I gotta do it. They both kept waking me up, and we all ended up rolling out of bed at about 7:30 this morning. At least it was early enough to get the cleaning I wanted to do done.
I'm thinkin i may toss in a roast for dinner around noon and put it on nice and low heat.
I'd still really like to clean off the computer desk and re-organize it so that the printer can go on top and out of Hunter's Reach, and maybe even the harddrive. I dunno if I can be that time-inventive today though.
That reminds me, we need a new printer cartridge...
Today we're going to Wal Mart so we'll see if we can get one then?
I finally finished unpacking everything I had downi n Vancouver with me...*g*
Gotta take some stuff to storage (yesterday I organized my room and put away most of Chance's stuff) cause I'm trying to make room for all of Chance's stuff. I got so settled in that there's really no room for him, now I'm re-organizing.
Neither one of the oys would let me sleep...I'm tired. Hopefully I can get to bed early tonight.
Gotta shower with the boys, cause I was hoping to hit a thrift store up for some stuff for Jill. I've got a couple of small shoeboxes left that I want to fill with a few clothing items and ship her way. I've sent two so far, and have one ready to go with blankets, not I just wanna send a small one with some baby clothes.
I'm way too generous sometimes.
We were supposed to can peaches today, but apparently they weren't ripe enough so we'll hafta wait until Monday.
Oh well, more time for me.

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