Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's the weekend and hardly feels it.
We were sposed to go to the drive in lastnight but didn't make it cause Kimmie's passenger front tire was making a weird noise and he didn't want to Chance breaking after we had all loaded in, we turned around for safety's sake.
We ended up battling BOTH boys to get them to sleep, and the night seemed to just drag on forever.
I rented The Messengers and The Hills Have Eyes 2, and Catch and Release...watched the first two lastnight, but not the third.
I ended up sending Chance up to Blockbuster at 11:50 lastnight to exchange THHE2 cause it wouldn't play in the middle of the movie. I hate it when that happens.
I totally gorged out on junk food lastnight...chips, chocolate, and pop. Disgusting...I haven't done that since I was a kid.
Went to sleep fairly late, but got to sleep in with Hunter (who went to sleep finally at about 12:30).
Anyhow, this week went by quickly, mainly cause we had something to do each day. This week is looking the same, Baby Groups, Chiropractors, and more Canning (if all goes well I'll score us some peaches). We made Apricot Jam on friday, of which I got 9 jars. I keep thinking "God, what am I gonna do with it all??" but I guess over the winter and such it'll get eaten.
I've been trying to keep the boys and I walking each day, and have managed so far to keep up with it. A half hour walk at least each day does us some good, and I feel better afterwards.
Hopefully I'll do ok tonight with the boys ta the Drive In.

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