Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's Wednesday Already

The weeks and days just keep flying by...
Have the chiropractor today, and tonight am taking the kids downtown to see a movie in the park.
The comp is really slow, and it's annoying me.
Gotta hand in the registration form for Darius, hopefully he's accepted for the school.
was hoping to vacuum today, but kimmie's not feeling well, so he's sleeping.
Got two boxes from Ohio yesterday, was kinda funny cause the guy pulled up in a U-Haul rental van (man wearing nice shirt & tie) pulled up and dropped the first one off which was busted open on the side, and then again a couple of hours later claiming he didn't know there were two and had to double back to deliver it.
Went out with mom lastnight, and she did real well, we both did, which was a nice change.
Hopefully I can get the kids out and about today to help wear off energy. The park, a nice walk...
Yesterday we walked back from Baby Group, which really seemed to help with energy levels and the boys.
Am hoping to work my way through a couple of parenting books to maybe help field the changes going on around us...would be nice, but like I have that kinda time anymore.
Next week we're going to pick up Niamh, and we're planning on tossing both her and D into day camps with Wes during the week, so hopefully I'll get to some sewing during that time.
Gotta get some discs and a book to clear off all the pictures on the computer.
We're sposed to be canning again this week, probably peaches if we can get our hands on them. I dunno what I'm gonna do with all these jars next year...

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