Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Total Exhaustion has now sunken in.
Tired tired tired, so very very tired.
We went to Golden for the weekend, to visit with Uncle Ken and Aunt Liz.
We 4x4-ed, we sat round, and all was interesting. We went up Mount 7 like Chance wanted, we went up the Gondola at kicking Horse like Chance wanted, and we went sight-seeing like Chance wanted. Then on the way home, we stopped at the Enchanted Forest, and Crazy Creek Waterfalls (and a few points of interest along Roger's Pass too of course)
Overall, we took over 300 pictures in a three-day time period. A lot of video too.
I was trying to experiment with my photography skills and the amount of space I took up with my "scenery" shots kind of annoyed Chance a bit, but I did manage to delete most of the ones that didn't turn out and whittled it down to just the ones I really liked so it didn't take up as much room.
I'm so very very tired.
I was happy to get back to my own bed, with no mosquitos, and no mice, and no other strange bugs to intrude on my space and sanctuary.
I need to do laundry now, and would've lastnight, but I was completely drained when I got home and just couldn't muster it up to do it.
I want my life back now please.

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Anonymous said...

why are vacations never really vacations for the woman? I definitely sympathize with you! But glad you all got away for a couple days.