Monday, July 30, 2007

Holy Toledo...
Walking walking walking. I wish I could live here, then I wouldn't have a pancake butt.
All the walking we've been doing, it feels good when I'm doing it (even though it makes me out of breath) but the next day, my hips hurt lots and lots.
It really really wears both kids out too.
Hunter passed out today in his stroller as we hopped onto the bus to go to Steven's.
I'm proud to say that I survived day one on my own in the big city with both the kids without sustaining major injury or total meltdown.
Though there some moments when they were both acting up, we got over them and things went, for the most part, smoothly.
Yesterday Darius conked out at 6:30. Did I post that already?
Today, it took a bit more convincing to get them both to sleep tonight, but they did go to sleep within 20 minutes of each other.
Now, they're out and I'm hoping I can shave before I go to sleep.
Went out to Surrey today, and spent the day with gramma and Steven. We went to Guildford mall (of course), had lunch, and did some shopping in the Everything for a Dollar store. Then went too Wal Mart in search of baby Hunter shoes (and found two pair for a grand total of 8 dollars!
Darius played in their little play area, and such while we shopped and afterwards we went back to Steven's and watched the beginning of The Incredibles (which D was really into in his tired zoning state). Then I got the idea to head to the grocery store, and Steven had the idea to run D at the park while I was at the store. So...when I picked him up he said he had a tummy ache. They had had a tire swing and he was going round and apparently it made him not feel so well, so we ended up having to go back to Steven's for him to go potty before we could head out on the bus back to Pokie's.
We had to be back by 6:30 cause we had her keys. So, we head back out (full stroller and all) and catch the bus, which, of course, was the kind that wasn't handicap accessable (with the stairs) and I had to toss the stroller up (with a kind strangers help) and park us quick on the first seats. We all unloaded quite nicely at the Skytrain station and had a smooth ride thereafter.
We arrived back home, and then I cooked us some dinner.
Candice arrived soon after, and then Kathie who then left to grab some dinner together, and while they were gone Steven arrived.
So, I fed the kids, and the ladies arrived back and then they all decided to go for a walk so I could get both boys to sleep.
I always surprise myself when I see how well I do with the boys.

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Anonymous said...

sounds like you all had a great time!