Friday, July 20, 2007


Gramma and I were discussing how amazing it is when we just sit back to let everything fall into place. Gramma found a ride to the Coast with a Witness friend of hers, which is wonderful. She'll be bunking in with Bill & Lorraine, and we'll be driving down to the Coast on Friday as well, meeting up with her at Merrit (to hopefully toss mom into her car too so she's more comfortable and such). We'll all go to D'Arcy as a day trip (as opposed to camping) and driving back to the coast that night. That way we don't need a test pack to figure out if a cooler and tents/bedding will fit. We'll really only hafta worry bout bedding such things.
So, that way they can drop the kids and I off there, and I don't hafta worry bout driving down there by myself with the kids. Then I'll catch a Bus back home with them after the fireworks, and all will be well :o).
Also, this mornin (like 2:30...LOL) I checked my bank account for my Child Tax Credit (been working on my budget) and was shocked (extra so at 2:30AM) to find that I had an extra deposit from them for $557!! Yay! (no idea why yet, am waiting for a notice in the mail that says so)
So, I've got no financial hang-ups for the upcoming trips.
This mornin was sposed to go and do some canning at the Wellness Center with the Baby Group PPL, and when I got there I found out they had cancelled it. At first I was peeved, but then I was relieved because I was free to do my errands, and not have a full day cause I'm going out for Coffee with Hekter tonight.
So, I paid my insurance, Storage, got groceries, & my tobbacco (always lasts me a month and a half). I'm happy, everything is paid, and I really don't have anything else to worry about for the next bit until the next loan payment comes out of my bank account.
I'm amazed at how well provided for I am...not to mention grateful, I know there's somebody up there watching out for me.
I was feeling a touch guilty for putting everything off, but I guess there was a reason why.
I'm a happy...but tired, camper!

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