Sunday, July 22, 2007

HOly God I'm Tired.
We all packed into the van lastnight and went to the Drive in to see Fantastic Four and Die Hard.
Darius stayed awake for both...Chance, mom and Hunter slept through Die Hard (mostly) and I snoozed from Winfield to the bridge.
I couldn't sleep when we got back, my back hurt too much.
We were one of the last three cars to get in, and we ended up in the back row, AND we arrived when they were playing pre-views and such. So, we missed the first chunk of movie, but we could still hear it on the radio. So, since it was cramped and warm in the van I took D, and a few blankets and pillows out and put them on a patch of yucky weedy grass and watched the movie there. There were enough people with their radios blasting that we heard it just fine, and we snuggled under the stars under our blankets. It was great.
Then D went to the van, and Hunter came out with me for Die Hard. About 15 minutes into the movie I was lying down nursing him, and I noticed a huge frickin spider crawling up my leg, and had to wait until it was on my hip before I could bat it away. So, that ruined my comfort zone I had going on.
So, back to the van i went, and he was asleep enough fo r me to put him in his seat, and then Darius crawled up on my lap and watched the movie with me. Chance was nice and grabbed the blankets and shook them before bringing them back to the van for me.
I really enjoyed Die Hard (surprisingly, cause I'm not really an action person), and was very impressed by the stunts. My favorite scene was when he drove the car into the helicopter.
So, anyhow, we got back about 2:30. I couldn't sleep cause my back was cramping really bad, and didn't fall asleep until about 6am. Here it was 9:30 when i got up, and D is still down (thank goodness) and he's got Xavier's Birthday Party to go to today. I've been sewing costumes for it again, and thankfully I had a bunch already started from a while ago, so I just finished those and tossed them in, the only thing I'm really making from scratch is a personalized super cape with an "X" and boot covers, in green (his fav colour). I had asked Chance to take him a couple of days ago, cause I know I won't have enough energy to take both boys.
So, hopefully he gets enough sleep, and has fun. We shall see.
I'd like to go to take pictures, but I know we won't have enough in us to do both kids at a wild we'll see what we can figure out.
Anyhow, I need to finish what I was making, and get on with the day.
Hunter really likes his berries, raspberries and blueberries...but blueberries mainly. They even come out the other end smelling the same! Yes, I know you really wanted to read that. :oD
Anyhow, I'm off...have a good day!

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