Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh My...
We had a super quick storm here today, without rain but it sure was violent. It was super duper windy and I thought I heard something coming down on the roof, but I could just be paranoid.
I had the day here alone with Hunter, Chance took Darius out for a while...apparently he dragged Duncan along with him to.
I've been really recovering these last two days from these past two weeks...sleeping a lot, and not even getting out of my pj's.
It's damn near close to depression, but I'm trying to keep my head up each day, and remind myself to be happy and healthy, and it's working to a degree.
I cannot say just how emotionally toxic this has been for me, and how frustrated that I am that my councellor had been sick on my appointment time. Arrgh. Though I've tried to set clear boundaries for myself, it's rather difficult to keep a clear view of things sometimes.
We gave Hunter a haircut lastnight, and he looks so handsome...I'm really impressed that I was able to do such a good job :o)
I wonder what we're gonna get up to this weekend...hmm. I know I got's laundry to do, and probably some the bathroom and floors, vacuuming and such. lalala
Gotta figure out how to get gramma to the family reunion, seeing as my car is the only roadtrip-worthy vehicle of our bunch, we're gonna cramped for room as it is.
Well, we shall see what we can figure out, but one way or another we'll get us all there, it means a lot to us, so where there is a will, there's a way.

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