Thursday, July 12, 2007

Squeaked enough out to go see Harry Potter lastnight on opening night. Sent Chance up an hour and 15 minutes early, and then we finished getting ready and joined him.
Mom, Me, Darius, Hunter, and Chance went. We took turns with Hunter standing at the back of the theater. We sat in the second to last row on the side, which was actually quite nice, and we even managed to sit together. Mom was able to get Hunter to sleep at one point in the movie, and then he slept on her until the end.
Was a good movie. They didn't stay true to the book and left stuff unexplained (though they did make sense in the storyline without explaination) but they still managed a real exciting story.
I'm tired again today...both yesterday and today I selpt in real late. I've been meaning to do laundry, and I kill any opportunity to do that by sleeping in. Damn.
It's gonna be real hot the next couple of days, and we're sposed to hit the beach.
I read a story in the paper about a little boy stepping on a needle down here at Pritchard Beach, so am hoping to score the boys some water shoes today at Zellers. No idea if they even have any though, so we'll see.
I need a shower.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad to hear about needles on the beach..don't know that water shoes will really protect their feet though...I'm gonna look for a TV guard this weekend and will it up to you..