Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ugh, the circus continues. I've been trying to co-ordinate the goings on for Mr from here, by phone. I've been in regular contact with Mr, MIL, and my mom all morning. That makes at least one 5-10 minute phone call each hour for each of them. Not to mention the other folks I had to phone for help.
Seriously, what a wreck. The truck won't start (we're hoping, due to starter issues a $345 price tag), the battery has died (due to so much wishful thinking and attempts to get it going), and there's a nail in the left front tire Mr just found.
It's all being taken care of, but the shenanigans to get it done are just ludicrous. Call this person, ask for this, call that person, ask for that. A mind numbing mess, and if I were more tired than I am I'm sure I wouldn't be able to grasp any of it.
Hoping Mr will be back later this evening. He's planning on getting it fixed, then headed to a relatives house to get some rest before heading home. Apparently he never made it to said relatives last night, and slept (fitfully) in our truck. *sigh*
I spent my morning cleaning and on the phone. Put fresh bedding on the kids' beds, vacuumed, and am gonna stick something in the crock pot before taking the kids to the PlayPlace to burn of some energy.
It's still smokey as hell here, and the air quality really isn't all that great. Sad.
Deep breath in, long breath out. gotta keep my head here, and find something to occupy myself with.
There are just too many ponderables in this situation.

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Anonymous said...

Damn girl. That sounds out of sight high for a starter?!

I hope he gets it fixed and such and gets wherever he is going.