Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy News

So, finally some happy news.
This past Wednesday we attended a movie in the park as a family (Mom, Mr, D, H & I). They kicked it off with a family entertainer who played guitar and got the audience involved. D was the second one up on the stage when he asked for some kids to come play instruments for him. Eventually we all got on the stage, as we are a very participating family. D even won a teddy bear for being the boogiest kid up there :o)I had a nice weekend, I suppose. After our return on Friday, we relaxed. Saturday I did nothing. I even took a nap with the boys. Relaxing. Recuperating.
Sunday, I woke up with zest, and spent the first half of the day cleaning, tidying, organizing, re-organizing, and paring down junk. Then my Aunt Mary called to say she was popping by. Not long after she got here, MIL arrived, and then my friend Harry called to ask if he could visit.
We wound up having a lovely dinner, and filled my mom's dining room table for the first time, with everyone sitting down to eat. Plenty of smiles, and camaraderie.Plus I got to hear about my MIL's story of a Car Salesman trying to pick her up. Yeah, the only visual I could glean from that was Bill Paxton in true Lies...LMAOThis morning, Mr and I attended a workshop to give us our certification to do forest fire-fighting. I am now a certified forest fire-fighter. Tomorrow I do another certification that'll enable me to be added to the list of growing First Nations Fire Fighters. I was the only female in today's class...made me feel so conspicuous. I was grateful for the opportunity though. The best part was that it was at no cost to me.
Still on the hunt for a job, and have found that a Serving It Right certification will cost me $35 online, and a FoodSafe Level 1 will cost me $125. Oh boy, I can hardly wait. I wonder when I'll be able to get my hands on those suckers, cause when I do it'll help open some doors and make it easier for me to get employed.
I return tomorrow for another class to get trained in Fire Entrapment Avoidance, a second level certification above what I received today.
I'm glad my community has resources like this. It's really helping to boost my confidence.

5 thoughtful remarks:

Amarie said...

Looks like you and the fam are doing pretty good in your new surroundings!

MIL said...

You are SO wicked!!!!

Nietha said...

corn on the cob! jealous!

Janet said...

I am so glad you had some fun!!!

Hepburn Hilton said...

I was soooo happy to read this headline! Glad things are going better. And getting confidence boost, don't we all need that?