Monday, August 03, 2009

Strange days are here again.
It smoky, and smoggy in the valley. It's difficult for me to breathe out there, and so I have been inside as much as possible. It's been ashing, requiring us to frequently wash our vehicles. MIL came and spent the weekend with us, and we had a decent time. I was happy to create a few skirts for her with mom's serger, and it really made me realize just how much I miss mine. Alas, mine is still on the fritz.
My friend Tyler came into town yesterday to join us all at the beach. The water did a terrific job of keeping the smoke away, so it really was very nice there. The water was wonderfully warm, and I even did the whole shebang and did some swimming. I was mildly shocked at the distance between Tyler and his s/o's 9 year old son whom he had with him, and was curious whether or not it was a cultural thing, or not.
Got the interview for the job, went and thought I did all right, then bumped into my interviewer the next night, at the place of employment. Will assume now that lost me the job as the place I had applied at was the casino. Awkward. Embarrassing. I actually wasn't playing, I was there watching, as I do most nights. Stupid move on my part, guess I couldn'tve wanted it that bad.
Tomorrow Mr is headed to Vancouver for a Dr's visit with an Immigration approved Dr. A 10 hour round trip drive, not including food and restroom stops. I volunteered not to go, and keep the kids here with me instead. Had to find someone to go in my stead though, as Mr has a tendency to fall asleep at the wheel. A neighbor kindly volunteered, which was nice of him.
Tomorrow we will be headed to baby Group, one we frequented before we moved away. I'm looking forward to rekindling past relationships.
Am considering heading to my 10 year high school reunion. I am wary because I didn't grad from said high school, but instead dropped out from it. May be interesting, but I may wish to just let sleeping dogs lie.
Had a dream about cuddling into a friend of mine back in Ohio, and falling asleep while leaning against him. Strange. What does that mean, I wonder?
I will also be headed to a Career Resource center tomorrow, or maybe Wednesday as I won't have anyone to watch the kids while I do so. Gotta see if I can get some better job hunting skills, cause obviously the ones I have just aren't making the grade.

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