Friday, August 07, 2009

My mom's poor computer. Seriously...we've run out all of her disk space with my picture taking busy tonight cleaning them off and putting them on discs until I can get my own computer up and running.
Have been pondering the English language of late. A few days ago, D asked me "Mom, what does distinguished mean?" I told him it meant respectable. Then it kind of struck me as odd, that my 7 year old actually understood that concept.
Been taking the boys to the library to help pass the time. Got a library card, and it was mildly surprising that on their first trip they took out over 20 books for themselves. As I had to go pick up two Mr had on hold today, I decided to take the read ones back and get some more. Ha. We walked out of there with another 30 items in the bag. It sounds like a lot, but we do actually read them all. That kinda shocked me too. D reads a lot more than I give him credit for. H loves me reading to him, and reading to me, and reading to himself (my fav thing to watch...I should get a video of that).
We've been reading, playing video games, watching movies (mom has Twister on DVD a huge fav for us all, and we've watched it multiple times since we arrived), and walking around the block. It's amazing to see the similarities between my boys. When D was little, he would ride his bike (in his chosen outfit) up and down the road, and each time a car drove by he would stop and then wave and say Hi as they passed. People would always ask where he was if I was walking by myself. the neighborhood dogs love my boys, and they've been given free reign over the yards between our house and the end of the road. the kids regularly go and visit each dog on their trysts outside. The neighbors are just happy to have a peek at how much they've grown.
I attended the local baby group that I had left behind. I was pleasantly surprised to see the same folk running it, and the shocker for me, was when folks who had never met me said "Hey, you're the girl fromt he refrigerator!" when I left I had taken photos of us when we were canning and such, and had printed out hard copies for them. Well, the entire time I've been gone, they've been on the fridge at the Daycare where the group meets. I was embarassed to hear someone ask me "So, how does it feel to be a celebrity?" I must've turned a few shades of red, and got a good chuckle out of it all. I must've left as much of an impression on them, as they made on me. It was good to know.
Still working on looking for a job, went to the local Career Resource Center and made a few appointments for some help, and signed up for a few workshops. hoping I'll have a job by then, but it's a good idea to book them just in case.
Long days. The moos has been blood red the last few days, as the local Terrace Mountain Fire is expanding, and being stubborn to control. Smoky air makes it difficult to spend time outdoors, and we do take advantage when we've finally caught a few minutes of fresh winds. the boys have been making their presence known, and I'm all the more happy for it.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Hepburn Hilton said...

It sounds like n the minst of things, you are gettingto have some nice quality time with the boys. How cool that they checked out that many books! Reading is so important..

Thanks for all the suggestions on celebs by the way! :)


TG said...

Kids these days.. they grow so fast. Soon you'll be hearing: Mom, that's my girlfriend (or boyfriend *cringes) hehe. Lovely blog you have.

Kitten said...

I love the fact that your kids are such big readers! Thirty items at the library--wow!