Saturday, August 22, 2009

My tummy hurts. Somehow, I ate a piece of fermented pear (I seriously thought it was pickled), and in the process gave a small piece to my poor little H. I can imagine we'll be clamoring for the bathroom tomorrow.
Went to take my Gramma to visit Grandpa in the hospital.
His update is that he's got a collapsed left lung, and they thinking he was coming down with pneumonia, but have since moved him from the "Step Down Unit" (aka, one step down from Intensive Care Unit), onto an actual ward for regular care. I'm hoping that means he's feeling a bit better. We're hoping he spends more time there as it's going to be difficult for Gramma to care for him on her own and get stuff done around the house. I'm hoping his family members pick up the slack, but hope can only go so far. Gramma was shaky about seeing him all banged up, but as it had been a few days, most swelling had gone down, and though I tried, I couldn't really see any stitches. I packed him a bag of toiletries & clothing and brought it when I brought Gramma to see him, and this evening when I was coming home I brought him a pair of old glasses that'll hafta do until he can replace his, which were broken in the crash. It really brings to mind just how fragile those I care about, really are.
I can't explain how I feel about all of this. Angry really sums it all up. The details are probably too personal to post, just suffice to say that there was no insurance, and the insurance has been hounding my Grandpa at the Hospital. Sad.
I keep thinking I'm not getting a whole lot done when I go out there, but I guess when you put it down on paper, the stuff I've been doing is the big jobs that really need it. Even been keeping Mr and the kids busy helping me out there. The kids are turning out to be good gardeners and it's surprising that they'll both eat any vegetable raw if they pick it themselves, and Mr is lending his muscle & mechanical experience. He's fixed their shower, stacked all of their wood, and combined three broken lawnmowers, into one operational lawn mower.
When I first got back and seen her garden I honestly couldn't tell the plants she planted from the weeds, nor could I tell any discernible rows. now that I've had two consecutive weeks out there I've managed to weed it properly, and get all of the stuff that needed to be picked out. Last week was beans, this week was potatoes. D had a fabulous time thinning out the carrots, and digging potatoes with me. He had more fun with the bugs than I did though, LOL.
It was kinda funny, each time Gramma would go and take a break and come back, she'd ask me "What are you cleaning now??" I figure I'll get that place shaped up bit by bit.
Trying to finish laundry now, gonna be a busy weekend.
MIL is coming to take care of the kids for us on Mon & Tues, as I've signed us up for a fire supression course. Should be interesting.
Remind me tomorrow to post the pictures of the fire I seen on my way outta town tonight.

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Osbasso said...

It's wonderful to see how you're taking care of things! Continued good wishes coming your way!

Janet said...

I'm glad to hear he's doing better!