Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Oh The Drama

As if it couldn't get any worse, right?
Well, the drama of the day carried on.
Mr is stranded in Surrey (Vancouver), which is about a 5 hour drive away. To make matters worse, our neighbor is adamant about coming back tonight. First Mr phoned to ask if we could go and get the neighbor, and since we have no cash to speak of, I said it was out of the question. In our back and forthing, mom said she could hear said guy in the b/g streaming four letter words (who knows what it was directed at).
I feel like a small pile of shit.
We phoned everyone we know out that way (which is a lot because half of our family lives out there) and no one could do anything to help the situation, other than putting them up for the night.
I cruised on over to the neighbors to speak to his wife and to apologize for getting her husband mixed up in this, and was embarrassed to find she had a few ppl there who were aware of the situation, and offered to go and get her husband, declaring, "Well, I'm not just going to leave him stranded there like that!".
I feel like a piece of shit.
I came home and printed out a map for the folks to follow, packed a bag for Mr, and sent them on their way. Mr is staying the night with a relative, and is going to try and get the truck started tomorrow. No other game plan than that. We can't afford a tow to anyplace special, or the labor to fix it, or the money to get the part, or even the impound fee if it should come to that.
I am the biggest loser on the planet.
Mr and said neighbor witnessed a woman who's car stalled in traffic. They pushed her off the road with the help of another motorist. Other motorist tried to help Mr with the truck, and it still isn't starting. They figure it's the starter or solenoid. We originally thought it had to do with some sort of chip not correctly connecting. It's not. Bigger problem. More money, which we don't have.
I feel like a big piece of shit.
What is the lesson in all of this?? What is it that we are to learn from it? I'm an optimist, and I believe there is always something to gain from struggle, but WHAT THE FUCK AM I GAINING FROM THIS SHIT??
It's just not fair.
I think I'm going to slink away to a corner and cry now.

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Ama said...

None of this is your fault. Don't beat yourself up. It will just be that much sweeter when things get better!