Sunday, August 30, 2009

Farewell August

Whew, I dunno about you, but August was a rough month!
From what seemed like fiasco after fiasco, we're ending on a lighter note.
I'm employed, and do some training on Tuesday. I'll be working in a Native owned cafe here on my side of the bridge, about a 5 minute drive down the road. It's close to home, which is the best I could hope for.
After fielding a wave of questions about it, I've realized just how laid back I am about it. I don't know what position I'm filling, how many hours I'll be getting, or even at what rate I'll be getting paid. All I cared about was bearing the title of employee.
My mom and her S/O are out of town for a few days, leaving us to our devices. I've done nothing all day it seems. Feels good to not immediately need to clean behind my boys' tidal wave of disaster. A much needed break on both our ends, I suspect. My family can be quite a handful at times, and when we all get tired it has the potential to multiply exponentially.
Spent some time today giving myself a pedicure. Am thinking, if I'm going to be working with the public, I really need to take better care of myself and my appearance. My feet look lovely now, BTW.
Spent some time chatting with a friend of ours lastnight, who suffered a relapse in judgment this weekend. It's hard to watch friends do sad things, but it's worth it for me to have faith in them and their abilities to keep sound judgment. The main thing I hope he gained from our chatting was that we're always here for him, and that he can call us at any hour for help. I consider him something of a little brother, and I have no idea why he's so special to me, but he is, and I accept it.
I was pondering my relationship a bit more as well. My struggle continues to keep my relationship at the current level of trust, faith, and understanding with my Mr, though it's not quite as difficult as it was when I first arrived. I've never really been one to just follow lamely, cause a trail blazer was my calling card, but it's a bit weird knowing that I'm making a go of it when others failed. I'm still getting the "why do you do it" looks from family members I didn't expect it from. I'm also finding it easier to explain why things with us are done the way they are done and come out making sense, in my quirky way.
Mr's Immigration papers got sent out, and that front is taken care of. Next we need to file for MSP (medical service plan of BC/Universal Health Care) for me and the boys, and file for a Child Tax benefit which should really help me out for expenses where they are concerned, file for a passport for me so I can travel over the border and we can go as a family, as well as figure out which school we're sending D to. School here doesn't start until after the long weekend, thankfully. There is a church in town that does a program each year, just before school. A one day event, where they dole out free haircuts, clothing, and backpacks which are filled with school supplies. I totally forgot about the event, but they advertised they had some leftover backpacks, which I'm hoping to get my hands on one for D.
Seriously folks, we've hit dire straights. I can make the clothes for D, and actually don't mind doing it (until I get my first pay and then could buy an outfit or two), but I honestly don't have the funds for his supplies, or anything related. I feel horrible admitting that. It's not like my family won't help where they can (honestly, there's plenty of it), but that story is getting so old I'm getting to the point where I keep thinking "I'm just going to pawn/sell everything I own and be done with it". I've hit the extreme and am just fed up. I'm grateful there are so many free programs and help in the area that it keeps me from being too taxing on those I love.
I'm grateful right now, to have a roof over my head, food in my stomach, and a warm, safe place for my family to sleep every night. We're clean, healthy, clothed, and fed. Our basics are covered. I can't wait until it can get past that though.
I need to spend the next few days being creative in front of my sewing machine while I have the opportunity. Got a list of things I want to make, just gotta get the gumption to do it in one fell swoop.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

Well good luck getting it all done. It'll get better. I'll be pulling for you!

only a movie said...

Yes, August2009=notfunatall

Congrats on the job and good luck w/ back to school stuff... and everything else!

Hepburn Hilton said...

I'm so glad you got a job. It can be such a confidence boost just have some place to go, and money in is ALWAYS good right?

Still I'm sorry to hear that you can
t buy your boys school supplies. Hope thing turn for you soon!! You desereve it now...

Nietha said...

good luck on your first day at work!