Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Went to Baby Group today, which was lots of fun. Was just Hunter and I, Darius opted to go to the library and do some errands with Daddy instead. He got a haircut, returned his library books, went to the post office and bank to make a loan payment. They were busy boys, and he even got a dart gun out of the deal.
His ear wasn't bothering him today, so if it is bothering him tomorow then I'll start the anti-biotics.
Tommorow evening's parenting group is having a farewell dinner at La Cucina's. It's the last one before spring break.
My car was fixed today by the band's mechanic. He didn't even charge me or nothing! He replaced a gasline hose. Just a small thing. I know it's not perfect yet, but it'll run for now, and that's all I need.
Tonight I'm sposed to go have a serious talk with Chance. Oh boy, I'm positively jumping for joy over that one.
I forgot Hunter's sweater at parenting group...darn.
It's bright and sunny and warm with no wind today...spring is coming!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy the fuel leak got fixed...bad combo to have with the muffler problem.