Thursday, March 08, 2007

Last night was good.
We went out for dinner at a restaurant with our parenting group, and left the kids with the group designated baby-sitters.
Had yummy chicken parmigana that looked like a real small portion when served, but turned out to be extremely filling. had more yummy chocolate cake afterwards, got a thank you card and a small gift for attending the group. I thought it was very nice.
Got back to the Wellness Center to pick up the kids, and found Darius walking along with his arms protectively surrounding a young boy who looked like he was still learning to walk. Was very sweet. After I fed Hunter (whom I found had cried most of the time while I was away) and we got them loaded intot he car, we needed to go get some food for Kimmie. On the drive to the Drive-Thru Hunter was kicking up a fuss to go to sleep, and I could hear Darius saying "shh, shh, shh, la la la". he soothed Hunter to sleep by holding his hand and humming to him...melted my heart.
I'm feeling very positive these days. though we're a little overwhelmed what with finaces and such, I definately know a little time will aide in paying everything off that needs it.
I'm starting to try and help my husband sort out exactly what he wants to do with himself. Whether it be move to Ohio, or try a different career path, it's clear that some help is needed.
Trying to keep that pathway positive is a feat in itself.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time...Darius is really showing a compassionate side...and I know you must feel so proud to have such a caring little boy. You know he's gonna take very good care of his little brother!