Thursday, March 22, 2007

busy busy Busy.
Ok, so, I was bummed out this morning, but I figured I wasn't doing any good just moping about the house, and so I got off my butt and went to Baby Group with the boys. So I arrived (45 minutes late) ate some lunch, sat down and fed Hunter and Darius, then did some reading tot he other kids. Cleaned up, and went on my way.
Went to Zellers, where I bought the napkins, plates, and cups (40 dollars later) plus some baby foods that they had there. I was disappointed to find that the Gerber foods I had had my eyes on were for kids 1 year or older (contained either egg or milk). Oh well. So I just decided to buy jars of the 2nd foods. They have a bit of texture, but not much.
Went on to the gas station, then over to Extra. hunter had fallen asleep at the gas station, so I waited a few minutes while Darius ate a snack before heading inside. Thankfully I always carry enough extra stuff in the backseat to make a comfy bed in the cart, and he was blissfully asleep whilst I shopped. It was tricky getting him inside though cause i had to carry him, after getting D into the cart, until we got to smoother ground so the bumps didn't wake him up.
Bought the fruits and veggies I had wanted, plus some rice milk and eggs and the like fo rD and his cake.
Now, I need to find a suitable picture of Spongebob to copy for the cake.
I got a call from one of D's friends' from the old pre-school who won't be able to make it. Unfortunate, but they said they'd like to arrange some playdates as their son hasn't stopped asking about D.
Got home and invited the girls accross the street who can come provided we can drive them. Good enough for me.
So far have had more cancellations than confirmations of kids coming. Am hoping for a decent turn out.
Unloaded the groceries, and am just now getting ready to cook dinner. Oh boy oh boy.
Chance is going out with co-workers tonight. I'd like to go, but will restrain myself.

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