Friday, March 23, 2007

I'm tired, and my legs are cramping. :oP
Well, this morning managed to get the melons all balled, put away, the veggie tray ready, then got one cake done and decided it was too small, so am now making another one. Made the icing. Gotta colour it, and get it ready to go on the cakes as soon as the last one is done cooling.
I managed to get Hunter down for at least three naps (this day just seems to go on forever) today. Took the boys outside to enjoy the milder temperatures today. I pushed Hunter in the stroller (nap #2 I htink) and D rode his bike. He wanted to go for a picnic, so we went up to the pool where their outdoor patio is covered and has picnic tables out yearround. Was nice. Darius even stayed on his bike to roll down the hill, but I had to promise not to let go of his handlebars. that must've been a sight...a woman steering a stroller with one hand in front, and one behind her holding on to a bike that a little boy was riding.
Anyhow, made dinner in that time as well. tossed in a coupla roasts with some veggies and it was done by the time we got back from our walk. Rachel Ray only has about 30 minutes on me. I can pop out a good, nutritious dinner in one hour but that's cause I cut everything and such from scratch.
Am now waiting to pop out the cake before I tackle my gift for D.
I'm making him a fleece blanket with purple and cream. The pieces have been floating around forever and we've been using them on their own. So I thought I'd just sew them together and give it as a gift. Chance went out and bought a bunch of Spongebob stuff.
So far I've gotten a confirmed 5 kids coming, and 7 have cancelled, and 3 are pending. It will be a decent party in any event. Harry and his girlfriend will be making an appearance tommorow at some point as well.
Still need to tidy this place up and vacuum.
Hunter got everything and anything in his mouth today. I just didn't get enough sleep lastnight to get it together and vacuum and double check everything like I normally do.
I feel like a shit today. Just an all around "I'm a bum" feeling that's been sticking around for the last bit and I'm finding it difficult to shake it off.

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Anonymous said...

Hope Darius has an awesome bday party!