Monday, March 12, 2007

So I ended up running Hunter to the Dr.'s today. Blah. Went to change his diaper after naptime and he had a poopie with blood in it. So, phoned mom (funny I never really take the kids to the Dr.'s without confirmation that I should) and packed up the boys, and off I went.
I dressed us all alike today, btw.
Since I didn't bring in the diaper, I coulnd't get a confirmed diagonses, but he inspected and gave a prescription which mom and D are picking up right now.

I feel like an ass. It's spring break for the next 2 weeks ere, and I didn't get the Birthday invites out to either school...I totally wasn't thinking about the timing. So, now we're left with mailing them out and scrambling to find phone numbers. Yikes. What a pickle!
So, it's a Spongebob Theme all the way, cause today D confirmed that he wanted a Spongebob cake as well. I can either find a cakepan, or start looking up pictures. Joy.

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