Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Well...we're counting down.
This weekend's forecast is slated with rain. Good thing I booked their canopy.
Chance passed his anxiety to me today. Urg.
I'm feeling stressed that I haven't recieved a call from any of the parents about the party. I realized that I forgot to include in the invitation that it's outside (asides from the tour with the reptiles) and seeing as I don't know what or if they have anything for wind blockage or whatever, I'm worried girls could arrive frilly and under-dressed, and the kids could get chilled.
The added pressure of Chance's anxiety and frustation over not getting everything out before spring break is making me feel rather deflated.
On the bright side, I'm working on my menu for the party. Though everything will need coolers.
I figure I'm going to carve up a couple of melons, and fill them with fun little melon balls (watermelong, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes and blueberries), and as usual I'll serve some veggies (peppers, baby carrots, and cucumber). chance wants to serve pizzza cause it's easiest, and as all I can really think of that's transportable is sandwhiches, I guess pizza will do.
I still need to go get the plates and napkins and cups. I need to figure out what to bring to drink, and how I'm going to plan my cake. Darius, of course, wants a Spongebob cake so I need to figure out a design. Whew.
S'alot of planning...why do I always leave it until the last minute.

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