Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy National Aboriginal Day

Busy Morning.
Phew...glad it's over and done with.
So, this morning, mom went to work (on a stat holiday) and I had a midwife appointment. Along with the money from our land sale being deposited yesterday, we had a bit of trouble trying to withdraw anything from them, and after making a few phone calls this morning have come to the understanding that there will be a hold on it ofr 4 more days until the cheque clears. blah on that.
Fortunately I talked my way into having them releasing some money so we could pay for the Jeep (holy was Chance ever grumpy when he heard the news of the hold to begin with cause it was originally all of it) and insurance. Thankfully, Chance is definately in a better mood. His patience level just isn't that high these days.
We also got a bunch of extra stuff with the Jeep, for future repairs and upgrades and such. And now the list of minor adjustments begin. :o) I made Chance promise that even though he bought a vehicle b4 the baby got here, that he's not to make any modifications on it untli after the baby is born. I refuse to schedual myself and Darius around his social life, cause it'll be friends that'll be doing modifications with him.
It runs nice, it feels strange to be in a vehicle that I know has 4x4 capabilities, but still be relatively low in. It's a touch on the bouncy side, but that's cause it's not brand new like the Expedition was.
So, in any event, after we finally got the insurance stuff signed for, we had to dash to my midwife's appointment, of which I was a half hour late for. Thankfully she rushed me through without too much hassel.

Busy morning...phew.

The Jeep needs a good wash-down cause it's dusty, and the inside could use a good wash down as well, cause it's pretty dusty inside as well.

Today is National Aboriginal Day...and there are celebrations downtown at the Friendship Center and here at Sensisysten. Hopefully D will go down for his nap without much hummin and fussing so we can catch some of the yummy food and good entertainment.'m so hungry.

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