Monday, June 05, 2006

Mondays Schmundays

Well, we survived the weekend...barely. I think we scraped through it really.
I read this newspaper article over the weekend about cleaning out our "emotional closet" with our behaviours. In any event, the lady had written about a scenario that I seem to see every day when it comes to D, and though I felt better about not being the only one who has this happen, it certainly broguth my eyes open to certain triggers for my lil guy.
In any event, thinking back on how Saturday went after I went to bed and recharged my own battery I figured maybe it was something that had to do with how I was behaving, and when I thought about it, I found a few places that needed changing, as usual. So, I'm making an effort to change those certain triggers. :o)
We're out of the weekend now, and back to the grind of the week. *sighs*
I still don't feel like I slept enough...I keep trying to sleep in, and it just didn't work. I keep trying to nap and that doesn't seem to help either. Gosh, I remember this stage vaugely from when I had D...but I am positive it was a lot easier then. Blah on sleep.
Have been working on some new pajamas for D...nice light two piece, cottom pajamas (summer pj's!) that have *snaps*! It's about time he learn to do snaps, buttons and zippers.
Got a call from our Doula today. We were supposed to have our first meeting with her tommorow, but the poor lady suffered a house-fire and her family lost everything, including all of her important documents for her Doula business and such. So, we're re-schedualling for next week...just waiting for her to call. Poor thing.
Gave D a haircut this morning...he was getting pretty shaggy. It's not my best haircutting-job ever, but it'll do for now I suppose.
Still have that overwhelming feeling of lonliness.

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