Saturday, June 03, 2006


I can't help but feel a touch discouraged after a day like today.
On the one hand, I'm very proud that my son is so well behaved, and well mannered, and polite. But for the love of God, why does he need to be so impressionable?!
Today was his friend Ty's birthday party, out in Peachland. I took D out yesterday to go shopping for the gift, and he had a fair amount of fun with it. :o) We picked out a nice big goodie bag for him, and D got a couple of treats for himself.
I slept in this morning, which was nice...and woke up to D telling me what time it was, and that it was Ty's birthday party today. So, I got up, and made a quick birthday card to go with our gift, and then got myself ready. D was so very excited. I can't tell if it was because he was going to a party in general, or if it was because he was going to see Ty (Ty was removed from his pre-school class just after D's birthday because he was too big...or whatever).
We got there, and I was mildly surprised to find that Ty's mom is a single parent. (I guess it kind of showed) There ended up being at least a dozen kids at the party, and only her to guide them all (besides Chance and I). That in itself would have seemed overhwleming to me. The poor woman was run ragged trying to keep up with all of the children's requests and keep and eye on them to keep them out of trouble.
All in all the party was a disappointment, because Darius seemed to be the only child there capable of using his manners and speaking politely without being asked to. (Let's not even go near the issue of the mother serving all kinds of candy and sweets before the kids got started on anything.) That includes the birthday boy, Ty, who incidentally pushed Darius off of the playground set up when they all went for a quick jaunt to the school across the street to play. Chance commented that I was being a little mean when I corrected a much older boy for using the word "cheap" when describing something he didn't agree with right in front of Darius.
I can understand wanting to invite all of your child's friends, but there is a limit when you're inviting people, you really need to stick with the same age...either older, or younger. It's just not functional to mix both age groups.
In any event, we stayed until they served cake (which only took 2 hours) and then we left. Upon arriving at home, I tossed the cake in the fridge and put D's prizes away. (He got a water gun, and some bubbles) I then put him to bed, because he was tired from a day of play with other kids.
My wonderful little angel decided to pee in his new water gun, and then spray it all over the wall above (and on) his bed.
Today is just too much...I think I need a nap to recharge my "positive" battery cause I sure do feel discouraged...not only that some people don't have the ability to give their children the proper attention that they need, but also that my child is so impressionable I just don't want to let him out of the house anymore...
I'm gonna go lay down.

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Anonymous said...

Take to heart that you're doing a good job and when people tell you (and they will) that you're being "overprotective", smile politely and remind them that children need a guide through life, not a spectator.