Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Chance

Well today was a productive where we hardly had a minute.
My oh my...Chance turns 26 today.
I slept on the couch lastnight, and ended up getting up early with D this morning, to make a card for Chance...and get D ready for a fun day at;s schedual included a trip to the Firehall with his class. Was nice, after I showered and such and got ready...I woke up Chance for his turn to get ready. Sent D in to wish him a happy birthday, and to give him his cards. :o)
I walked with the kids from their school down to the fire-hall, and then spent most of the time waiting outside because I was just too warm, and found it unbearable inside. Once the kids came outside to look at the fire engines, it was better. Unfortunately, a certain lil someone got a touch grouchy because he got a little wound up.
Was funny, this morning, to keep him from dragging his toy cash register along with us, I took the money out and put it in his pockets...not thinking anything of the fact that I put 3 quarters in there...LOL They of course, had a candy machine at the firehall, and th elil twerp was so fast on the draw that I hadn't even noticed him with the candy the first time until he had one in his mouth. Then he went back a second time, and got some more, and had to have dad remove the ladt quarter before he finally stopped.
After the firehall the big Mr. wanted a haircut, so while he got a buzz job, lil D ate the snack that I packed for him, and surprisingly went to sleep once we got home without a hitch. I tell ya, that explaining the behaviour thing is really working.
Hehehe...yesterday (and today as well) D was snuggling with me on the couch, and out of no where he looked over at me and said..."Mommy, my winkie is stretching, it's saying good morning because it's happy" :o)
I looked at Chance expecting some sort of positive response but I think it caught him off gaurd. I understand it's rather difficult to tell children to keep it private, but also keep it positive...but I've never had a problem with it...I ended up telling D that that was terrific, but that it's not something he should say to other people. Poor Chance just blushes whenever D says anything about his private parts...makes one wonder about what he thinks of himself.
He asked me what "closure" meant yesterday as well...oh boy.
After D woke up from his nap, we iced the cake that D and I made yesterday (he cracked the eggs himself and mixed it all on his own, and then went on to devour what was left in the bowl after I scraped it out...) with a whole container of frosting. He really enjoyed himself, and was covered in chocolate frosting by the time we were done. We put the candles on and sang Happy Birthday to Daddy, while he sat by with a big grin on his face... :o) We each had a big piece. Was pretty good.
Then we had to rush down to ICBC because Chance's driver's licence expired today... :oP Got Chance to work only 10 minutes incredible feat considering we left with only 45 minutes to spare before he had to be at work. That turned on his grouch button unfortunately...*sighs* Som days I feel I just can't do anything right for that guy.
He called from work about an hour after he got there to tell me they had bought him a cake and some muffins for his birthday, which I think was nice of them. :o)
D and I played outside after dropping off Chance for about an hour and a half until it was time to go pick up mom from work. He played in his sandbox, then ate his sandwhich.
We went and got mom, then went and got dinner (Little Ceasar's Pizza!) came home and ate, and promptly went back outside. I figured since it was so stinkin warm out D could do with a little bit of water play...So. I gave him a paintbrush and filled a couple of buckets with water and sent him to it. He painted the car, and the house (with muddy water of course). Then, Nana decided to clean out the car, and then wash it off...which got D helping with his paintbrush. They washed the car, whilst I watched. :o) D had fun...he got real wet, and real dirty...but I heard a lot of giggles. My favorite noise.
I came in about a half hour before they did and caught a quick snooze on the couch again...which was nice cause the heat really drains me. :o
In any event, after they came in, all D wanted to do was watch tv, so I got him into his pj's, and he snuggled with me on the ocuch while I dozed some more. I'm so glad he'll let me do that cause I just wasn't ready to wake up. :o)
He had some more pizza, and some carrots, then it was bedtime for him. Once again without a hitch he's in his bed where he belongs. *sighs*
I've been sewing up a storm of late...made D some light weight pj's cause he gets so warm at night i worry about him wearing the flannel ones I made him through the winter.
I haven't even bothered sewing anything for me, cause I can't justify the fabric use to myself...LOL So, I've been making things for other people.

Chance had some good news to share...a while back (mebbe a month or less) he decided to put our lot of land up for sale, and someone came through with an offer. After negotiations, they settled on 28,000. Considering we only paid 9500 for it, I'd say that's a pretty good profit, despite the trouble we went through with it. In any event, all of our bills will be paid off up here, and then we'll be getting a vehicle of our own. :o) Just in time for baby! Though I warned Chance that I was a touch concerned that he'd be more interested in showing off the new vehicle than in showing off the new baby again...*g*

This weekend we're headed to Gramma's to celebrate Chance's birthday. He chose to go out that on our way out, we're stopping in Kamloops to pick up Travis (Nephew of ralph), one of our favorite distant relatives. Chance and Travis get along well, as long as Travis and D...he's a very well-behaved/mannered young man who doesn't shirk responsibility (kind of rare on that side of the family). They're planning an over-night hike up to the top of I think it's Dunn Peak...*shrugs* There's so many mountaintops that Chance wants to get to it's kind of tough keeping up with him. :o)
So...we shall see ho wit goes.
I think that's all I wanted to blog about for y'all are updated. fingers are sore...

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Allie said...

You must be close to having the baby, right? I'm so behind on everything! I'm sad that I won't be with you for this one. My sister is ready to have hers any day now and I can't wait. Tell Chance I said 'Happy 26th Birthday'!

Amber said...

Yes, the due date is between the 28th, and July 1st.