Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Daily Mail

Ah yes, back to the daily grind!
It's a pre-school mornin, and same ole same ole!
Yesterday wasn't too could really tell that D was happy to be home...nevermind the fact that he was out in 15 minutes after we got him into bed Sunday night. :o)
I missed the air conditioning, let me tell you!
I thought I'd escape the seasonal allergies this year because I'm pregnant...psh! No such luck...and wouldn't you know it, they kicked up horrendeously whilst at Gramma's house. Of course there's no relief there what-so-ever. So not only did I suffer with those all weekend, but it could have been considered hotter than hell itself. Let's not forget to mention that in her aging years, the minute gramma feels a cool breeze every window and bit of fresh air gets blocked out and she closes everything up, only to leave the house uncomfortably warm and stuffy! Ugh.
I did have fun though...I enjoyed watching Darius entertain himself in her backyard. I was relieved this time to find Gramma's house in proper order, and her yard well maintained. I actually told her, now this is how Gramma's house is supposed to it's been put together.
Anyhow...they were nice and had their swing set cleaned up, plus the baby pool out back, which they filled up Saturday mornin to let it warm up in the sun. The yard was mowed though not fully raked (beggars can't be choosers, they can only do so much right?) and cleaned of any dog droppings. :oD So, of course whilst the guys occupied themselves with hiking, and the river, I had D out back in the first he said he wasn't gonna sit in it cause it was too cold (by that time it had been in the noonday sun and had warmed comfortably, only trouble was a breeze had kicked up) but it wasn't long before he was lying flat out in it and playing with the toys we gave him. :oD So he played in the pool, them came over and had a snack in the shade while he warmed up and dried off a bit. Then he was up and doing the "dishes" gramma had given him, and then it was back to the pool before I called it quits cause I thought he'd been in the sun long enough. He did get a nice little tan, but no where's near what he'll look like come the end of summer. :oD
I didn't manage to do anything until the fire that night. I had some yummy hotdogs and marshmallows. :o) Managed to get eaten alive as well...*sighs* Why, why do I subject myself to such tortures and still call it fun? I'll never know...*g*
Saturday night as well, Chance and Travis caught a couple of frogs, and ended up letting all but one go. They kept one overnight in a plastics garbage can that was usually used to collect empties. They put some water in, along with a few things for it to hide under and perch on. Then in the morning after the boys finished getting themselves ready for the day, Chance went outside with D and showed him the frog and let him let it go in the pool to watch it swim a bit before he had him let it go. :o) That was the highlight of D's day. Should've seen the size of the smile. When he smiles that big it literally pours out of his comes out of his pores.

Anyhow...we're finishing up the paperwork for our land sale...and the money will be deposited on the 19th into the bank account. yay us!
My next appointment with the midwife is tommorow...then Friday evening is the Doula so mom can meet her. :o)
Things are going back to we didn't miss anything.
I've been sewing up a storm still. Wonder how long that bug will last. hmm...

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Anonymous said...

Glad you guys were able to get away to your gramma's house. Sounds like everybody had fun, especially Darius. It was nice of Chance to surprise Dari with a frog...nothing beats seeing a BIG smile on a child's face! I can tell you enjoy spending time with Dari - I know it was difficult not having that time when you worked.