Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rain Rain

Well Well...Tuesday already. :oP
Today was supposed to be a "Water Day" at pre-school for D, but the teachers cancelled it because it's not warm enough this morning. :o( I was looking forward to getting some good water play pictures of he and his classmates. Too bad.
So, with the new week I now need to begin taking my "homeopathics" to help my body prepare for labour and delivery. 4 pills, once a day, without food or drink for 15 minutes before and after I take them. Interesting. At least they don't leave a bad taste in the mouth.
We had some great spring storms roll through yesterday.
After D's nap, we drove dad to work, then went to the park for a picnic with some Subway. D played for about 45 minutes before it kinda started sprinkling, and I decided it was time to go. We went to go to the library, but they were, like, 3:30 on a Monday, what up with dat? Anyhow, we went and ordered Chance a pizze cause that's what he requested for dinner, and while we were waiting for it, it started to pour.
Darius and his wonderful innocence...I looked at him in the rear-view and asked him if he was ready to run, and he had a grin from ear to ear! So, we ran inside, and by the time we got there (not long cause we were parked right in front of the door) he was giggling madly, and had a hard time stopping. Then he did it again when we dropped off th epizza for Chance. And by the itme we got to mom's office to pick her up, the one little storm we started in, collided with a bigger storm from the west...and caused a hail storm. I couldn't hear a thing while I was driving, and it was crazy cause I know I seen some lightning strikes which must've knocked out a section of power cause one of the lights on the hwy were out. Stupid 4-way-stop crap. People are so dumb when you get them into masses. So, I'm obeying the 4-way rule, and some dumb ass on a motor cycle almost gets himself run over by me. Scare the be-jiminy's outta me.
So, we finally get to moms office4, and Darius once again has the grin on his face, and as we prepare to run to the door, he just hops out and doesn't even bother to wait for my umbrella. Hehehe...I went inside and he grabbed a drink from mom, and then it was a race back to the car, dodging all the puddles...and of course, all three of us got soaked, cause my umbrella was so dinky it barely kept the big drips off of me, and the ones it caugh dropped on me anyways.
We decided to go out for dinner, but once we got to the Hwy, we couldn't decide which way to go cause both ways were back up...the bridge apparently wasn't draining properly and had standing water on it, and the lights on the way to Westbank still hadn't become, we just decided to take the long way to Westbank.
We went for Chinese, which was kinda nice...and during the entire meal Darius wouldn't stop talking about "Elsie" his babysitter (he'd seen her earlier when I dorpped off the pizza). So we stopped and picked her up, and had her watch D for about and hor and a half.
We're impatiently waiting for our money transfer to take place...which should be happening today. Lalala...just a matter of patience.

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