Sunday, September 13, 2009


I've been a bit of a blogging lull. I've gone from a post or two a day, to one or two a week. Everyone has those, so I've seen.
I also suspect that it's possible to get far too redundant with one's posts.
That being said, I've also taken a big break from HNT, Thursday Thunks, This Is, and Friday Fill-Ins. mainly because I just don't have the energy to go and visit those other blogs who come and visit mine. It makes me feel guilty, silly as it may be. I'm a polite person, and the way i see it, it's polite to go and have a lookie at what other bloggers are reading my blog in return.
Daruis finally starts school tomorrow. We held him back for the first week, to see if we could get him into the all Native private school close to home. Turns out they didn't have enough room for him, so we held him out unitl Monday, cause we had a family Memorial to attend on Friday. I was surprised to find a couple of old classmates of mine, teaching at D's new school. I'm looking forward to getting involved in their PAC. Should be interesting to see just how well I can embroil our family in the community.
I've had two days of work so far, both of them were spent cleaning and training. I'll be the first to admit right now that I can see myself becoming completely dependent on caffeine before too long.
I like the atmosphere of the place, it's quite pleasant. And, despite me fears, my co-workers will be a pleasure to work with, so it seems. I am very pleased that the place is close to home, and it won't be a terrible ordeal for me to get there. i have pictures, and I'll get around to publishing those some other day when I have my other hard drive connected.
I've had quite a few chuckles over the last few days, but seem unable to bring to mind the chief few that I wanted to blurb about.
I stayed up super duper late lastnight to get D & Mr off to go Moose hunting. They came back empty handed, but it's still early yet. I was happy to see just how excited D was to be involved. Hopefully he'll carry on the family tradition.
Am gonna go chill out with H on my bed, watch some tv, and fold some laundry.

5 thoughtful remarks:

Osbasso said...

Lulls are don't have to feel guilty! We're still going to be out here waiting for you, so don't worry about that!

Hepburn Hilton said...

Everybody needs a break sometime :) We'll know when you are back! I'm so glad to hear that you are liking your place of employemnt, and that your coworkers are nice. That really is the most important thing!

Jack said...

I understand... going through a similar lull myself. Take care Amber, see you when you get back :)

Janet said...

Don't feel guilty...we all need a break from time to time :-) Don't feel you have to visit everyone on the fill-ins...just have fun with it, k?

LarryG said...

it's great that you have a full life away from the blog and certainly that takes priority! :)