Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Love Piers Anthony

I'll start my post with an admission. I have an addiction to Piers Anthony's Xanth novels. I gobble them up as soon as I can get my hands on them at the library. My nose buried in their pages, my fingers cramping from holding them open. I often suffer from sleepless nights because of these little babies. At the end of a recent book, I found that he has a website, and I was so excited tonight to visit it. I actually printed off a list of the Xanth novels, and am planning on reading them in chronological order. I geeky side is showing. I was positively bouncing when I found both a Royal lineage for the series, a character database, AND an RPG. It was all I could to do prevent myself from squealing with delight.
I love his novels for two reasons. First, I love using my imagination while reading, and this particular set of books really does fantastically stretch one's imagination, while seeming perfectly plausible.
Second...I love words, and this set of books is riddled with puns. Sometimes they make me groan and roll my eyes, or force me to put the book down, and sometimes they literally make me laugh out loud, or giggle, or chuckle for that matter.
You can't go wrong with them. They're detailed enough to drag you into the story, and they all have a pleasant ending that takes brain power to understand. Not so much that they hurt to wrap your brain around, but enough to make the lightbulb flash over your head.
They make for a generally easy read, cause they're fairly short (imo) novels. I'm ending this post with my bouncing bubbling nature, and am gonna say I can't wait to take my list to the library and start checking off the titles as I read my way through them all. Did I mention that they're currently 32 in print in this series alone?? I may have to start reading the other series he has available....

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