Monday, September 21, 2009

Big Day & Commitment

Holy crowly folks. I did my first 8 hour (plus) shift today, and boy am I bagged. In a good way.
I'm thoroughly addicted to caffeine, thanks to their Americano, Coffee Toffee extreme, and fabulous mexican blend of coffee. I'm chewing whitening gum like mad.
We had a crazy rush today during lunch, for just the three of us working. We made over 35 dollars in tips for the days (considering I didn't bother to count the little change), which was mostly made during this rush.
Was a lot of fun, and I really enjoy the environment. I don't feel intimidated to ask for help, which is a big plus, for me. Since this was my second shift during their opening, I'm quite impressed at how well I did, though, of course, there is still room for improvement. I'm sure I'll catch on, as I'm quite certain I'm being far too difficult on myself :o)
I'm kind of embarrassed that I haven't actually tried any of the menu items, other than the drinks. I'm sure I'll get around to it.
My feet are sore.
I've put myself On-Call in case they should ever get a huge rush like we did today. I live about 4 city blocks away from work, and I don't usually stray from my area of home, mainly due to the fact that all the shopping (asides from the second hand variety) are as close as work is, thanks to a recent boom in building. That being said, since I don't usually have anything structurally planned that is too important to be interrupted, I'm all for the extra hours. I don't mind placing myself at their disposal.
The first PAC (Parent Advisory Committee) meeting is on Wednesday eve, and I'm really looking forward to it. Apparently I'll already know a few people there, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to make just as big of a name for myself as I did in the last.
Mr surprised me at work today, by dropping by and giving me the gift of a new cell phone of my very own. I say it's my very own, because this is the first Monthly Plan/Contract phone that I've ever had. Sure, I've had cell phones (and I actually still have the one I had in Ohio, but I'm only using it for an alarm clock right now), but they've always been pre-paid. We've never had a stable enough life that I've been secure enough to get one.
This is a big step for us. A form of commitment, really. A small thing to signify our plan to make a life in BC for ourselves.
Truthfully, I haven't been putting in as much effort as I could into our relationship of late. I'm sad about that. I'm glad though, that I've been able to encourage the Mr by stating that I'm happy we have a plan for ourselves. We've made a plan for ourselves, and though we know to expect a lot of bumps, we'll be working towards it as much as we possibly can.
I'm tired.
H starts his regular schedule of pre-school this week. We've finally gotten the boys into a regular sleeping routine. The boys generally (tonight is an exception) go to sleep early, leaving us a few hours of free time afterwards. What a gift.
We bought D a Captains Bed from the Salvation Army Thrift Store on Saturday. Was exciting. We had to switch his room around, but we did get it figured out. Next is a bed for H, and getting him into his own room (now that he's nearly sleeping through the night). I always feel so low when my mr makes a comment about wanting to sleep in the bed with his wife. I've really slacked in the department of cutting out the family bed. There must be a reason why, I just don't care to face it right now.
Anyhow, I'm gonna go catch a few z's, and get ready to start my day bright and early again tomorrow morning.
I love you blog peeps, you keep me grounded, even though I've never even met you. You rock.

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Mariah said...

yay! That's happy stuff! Congrats!

dadshouse said...

I love Americano coffees! Caffeine addiction is a specialty of mine.