Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Good-Bye September

September was busy. SO busy.
School started for both boys, and I started working, finally. It's been a month full of least that's what it feels like. We're ending it pretty much like it started out, broke. It's difficult to see our situation changing, knowing it may be more than 6 months away. I'm working, and though I'm getting regular hours, it isn't nearly enough to keep us afloat, leaving me feeling like I should find myself a second job to add to the income. While I'm aware that there's only so many hours in a day, I truly feel like I need to be working all but the amount that I need to sleep.
It's been rather stressful without any extra cash floating around, and it always seems to ebb and flow. Sometimes we seem to be holding our heads above water, and other times we really seem to be floundering and sputtering. I know I could probably properly plan this stuff so that it seems nice and steady the whole time, but I really feel like I lack that ability right now.
I'm sad to say that when we flounder, everyone in our household flounders...and I hate knowing that could have anything to do with us being here. We cost a lot to put up. Food, water, electricity, toilet paper, and energy. We cost a lot to put up.
It's hard watching my family struggle their way through it.
I still love my job, but today was a small case of "Too many cook spoil the broth". I'm a front counter kinda girl, and most everyone who was working with me today were back kitchen kinda people (cept the owner) and there were quite a few folks who ordered, and then got confused because both my bossess were out front with me, spitting out options to them, and then not being able to find the specific modifiers in out computer. It was a tad frustrating because I'm generally pretty quick and such since I've gotten the hang of how to work things. Still, today's shift really seemed to fly by. I've noticed, though, I've got the same hours I did today 5 times before the next pay cheque. Kind of a bummer as it's only a 4 hour shift, right in the middle of the day. Second thought, I'm gonna have to talk to them about the schedule they have because they've got me on Thanksgiving weekend, and I'm not going to be here for it.
The boys are so cute. Each day when I get home H greets me with a "MOM! You came back! I missed you!" Makes me feel all warm and mushy inside :o) D gets excited to, and then all three of them clamour to tell me about their day. It's quite a fiasco, but it makes me feel appreciated.
Mr volunteered to be the Vice President of the local PAC/PTO. I think he's trying to out-do me, ;o) I'm hoping it goes smoothly for him.
D's class went on their first feild trip of the year to a local creek/waterfall to watch the Kokanee Salmon Spawning. It's usually the first feild trip of the school year for all the schools in the area (public anyhow). It's a fabulous learning experience I think. I like watching the red streaks in the creek beds while walking by, with the strong smell of fish in the air. It's a fabulous cycle of life.
October is my birthday month. Yes, I like to take an entire month to celebrate myself. I'd like to think I'm gonna get a small something for myself each week, but who knows if I'm gonna get around to it with the cash situation. I turn a whopping 28 this month. Hmm, gonna hafta start planning a fab 30th, will need a coupla years just to make sure I can pull it off, LOL
I gotta get my ass moving on making that damned Stay Puft costume...

3 thoughtful remarks:

Autumn said...

awwww september went by in a flash. i've got 2 boys also, but older now. it gets easier. i assure you. hugs girl, thinking of you and hoping you get the hours you need to help.

Jack said...

September is always a busy month... especially busy for you and your family with the move and fresh start. It takes a while to settle into a new situation, and hopefully October will be a lot easier for you all. :)

Jodi said...

You need more hours than just sleep girl. Don't burn yourself out. You should be very proud of yourself working so many hours and taking care of your hubby and kids.

Happy Birthday Month!! :) You are just a baby though to this 37yr old...LOL! :)