Monday, September 07, 2009

Hot Dads and Parent Traps

It's a holiday today, and finally, my first day of work. I get to go in and train on the new machines we'll be using, and admire the new surroundings. Should be fun.
I'm a FB addict, I freely admit it. I've been addicted to Owned, Save The Planet, Lil Green Patch, Winnie The Pooh, Mafia Wars, and Farmville. I find once I loose interest in one app, I'm hooked on another. Sad.
Had a small spot in this week's Ask Hot Mamas over at Hot Dads (not completely safe for family members), feel free to go and check it out.
D has decided what he wants to be for Halloween this year. It started when we first arrived, when he rented a video game for the Wii called Ghostbusters. He thought it was so cool, he asked for the movies. The repeat performances commenced, until we all knew the movies by heart (again). The DVD's even had the animated series on it (only a few episodes though).
That all being said, D has decided that he wants to be Stay Puft marshmallow man, H to be Slimer, and Mr & I to both be Ghostbusters (complete with proton packs). Interesting...way to get the family involved.
I'll be plotting the patterns in my head until I feel like tossing them together. Seriously, I had plenty of time to do lots of sewing, but I've been nothing but a bum.
We're considering sending H down to stay with MIL for a few days, as Mr is planning on heading up to Gramma's to assists (IE hunt for him) Grandpa with the seasonal hunting. Gramma's body doesn't agree with Deer, so they'll be aiming for Moose. In all honesty, I prefer Moose as well, cause it's much less gamey and easier to flavor and add in to other dishes. We shall see how it all works out, as I'm uncomfortable even sending my Grandpa up in the mountains to drive (considering he's still nursing those four cracked ribs) while the other gentlemen of the family hunt. I can't imagine how tiring that would be for him, especially considering they'd be macho men (when they all get together) and make him "suck it up". I have a thought on that, and it starts with a B.
At this specific point in time I wish I could get my very own Nanny 911 or Supernanny Episode. Though, I honestly could tell you the majority reasons for our children/parent relation problems, it still doesn't help me fix the big problem of why in god's name my 7 y/o needs to push so many buttons with all of us. Is anyone else out there having trouble adjusting to school bedtimes?? In the past two nights alone we've fought with him a minimum of 2 hours each night to get him to go to sleep (That's starting at 7pm). We've let things get so far out of control that we just have no clue where to begin to get them to listen, and have resorted to the ever pathetic raising of our voices (Though we are smart enough to remove ourselves from the situation util we've calmed down and had a chance to consider other options), and the occasional empty threat.
I know damned well that there are better courses of action, but am honestly at a loss as to where to begin. This is new territory for me, as I generally just pick anyplace and get to it, and I just don't know what's stopping me from over-structing the hell out of everything.
It may just be time to bite the bullet, have a family meeting, and get us all on the same page, that way I can look over my shoulder and know the person behind me is supporting me in what I'm doing (even though it's mostly there right now, it's nice to have the 100% assurance), and to make sure that if one person says it's so, so does the next and so on. We have four adult in the house, and not one of us can make the kids do anything for sure. That's just sad. I've been watching it happen for a while though, and have no one but myself to blame. Still doesn't make it ok. I'm denying my children the comfort of knowing that there will always be a constant, and have therefore made them insecure and proceed to act out.
Anyways...I think that concludes my feeling sorry for myself. Moving on.

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Osbasso said...

I've never had moose. I guess I'm surprised it's less gamey. Might have to see if I can find any around here!

Ragtop Day said...

I'm a FB addict too, though I just like to read and comment on people's status updates - I'm not so much into the games (although my step-mother and I always have a game of Scrabble going).

I think a family meeting could be just what you need. D&H need to know that what you say goes, and so does everyone else. Bedtimes are so critical when kids are in school!

Good luck with the training - hope you love your new job!

Janet said...

LOVED this: "I have a thought on that, and it starts with a B."