Sunday, September 27, 2009

Michael Jackson & My Job

I had a great week at work, despite being sick.
I love my job. I don't think I can say it enough. I enjoy telling people about my heritage, the things we sell, and welcoming our regular customers back for the day. I enjoy cleaning the dishes (weird, I know), making the drinks, and serving the food. It's a fun, relaxed atmosphere, and makes me feel great as an employee. Last night I closed, and had that place so sparkling you could've eaten from the surfaces. The boss lady was telling me that she had received some positive feedback about my customer interaction, as well as complimenting me on how busy of a worker I am (phrased as "you kick some major ass whenever you're here"). Someone even complimented me on my smile. It's nice to be appreciated.
After I arrived home, I discovered that Mr had printed off some song lyrics for D to practice, and he spat them out at me. Michael Jackson's Beat It. Then he showed me his dance moves that he learned from the Smooth Criminal video on You Tube. This MJ fascination began when MJ died. They played his music videos all day long on MTV, and we watched them. D fell in love with Thriller. That's what started it. While watching Thriller on You Tube, he discovered that a whole bunch of MJ's videos were parodied in Lego. He loves the Lego versions just as much. So, he loves MJ. I am now making him an MJ cd so he can sing and dance in his room with his stereo.
I'm trying my best to ensure that he doesn't feel embarrassed about singing in front of people, or dancing in front of people. He comes across as so fragile when he does it. I remember being young and loving my singing, and thought I was really good. It got quashed until I was a teen because of something someone said to me. I was so sensitive and embarrassed about it, I only did it in private until later.
I want him to be proud of his talent. I just want to nurture it so that shy look on his face disappears.
MIL is visiting today. She brought up a load of our stuff, and a gentlemen friend. I hadn't realized just how much I missed her. I know she's one of the only people I can share my joy about my new job with, that will give positive reenforcement. I'm an adult, but I still need that. It's nice to have someone say "I'm glad you've found something that you enjoy" or, "tell me how much you enjoy it" or "tell me why you enjoy it so much". Everyone needs that.
I'm still sick. I wound up taking Friday evening off from work because that was the worst day. Fever, clogged head, sinus pressure, leaky faucet nose, burning back, fatigue...the whole bit. Saturday I didn't even know I was on the schedule, and we were planning on going to see Trevor Linden, when I got a call from the boss asking if I could come in at noon instead of 3pm. Good thing she phoned. It's looking like I may have a decent paycheque this payday. Good thing cause Thanksgiving (Canadian) is coming up, and so is a family wedding that we'll need to travel 5 hours to go and see.
D got some new fish this week. We lucked out and found a whole fish starter set at the thrift store when we went out last for only $8. Total we only spent about 21 dollars on the fish & set, lots cheaper than if we had done brand new. Two small Goldfish, an Aquatic Frog, and a Snail. He named them Frank, Goldie, Snailey, and Froggy. I kinda thought Frank came outta left field, but whatever. They now have a happy home in his room.
My throat is raging sore today, but I'm coughing up lots o junk so I know I'm getting better. Thank goodness.
Did I mention that I love my job?

6 thoughtful remarks:

only a movie said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, and I'm happy for you that you love your job. It's so important to like going to work.

Janet said...

I'm glad you like your job and that it shows to your boss!!!

Ama said...

Even though my visit was short today, I thoroughly enjoyed the time with all of you. I don't get hugs often, and yours was especially sweet! and BTW, did I tell you how proud I am of you and so happy you like your new job?! I am!

Hepburn Hilton said...

You are lucky to be in place that makes you happy!

Helen said...

It's been a while since I've connected with you. Forgot there was a world outside my own. Glad you're doing so well and that you're enjoying your job. It really makes a big difference. :) :)

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

I am not surprised that you "kick ass"... :)