Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Recipe For Disaster & Loneliness

Growth spurt + tired + excited = recipe for disaster
This morning's excitement concluded with H making a headlong run into a stationary wooden chair in McDonalds and falling back with a nice hard knock on the back of his poor little knoggen.
He has a gash on the outside of his chin, and on the inside of his lip, where his teeth smunched.
It's amazing the way things work out. This morning mom gave me some money to do some grocery shopping while she was at work, and it was a good thing, cause I needed it for the Dr.
Never a dull moment.
We've been trying to get ourselves onto the school track, with regular bedtimes (and after 4 days of fighting with D we've finally gotten through that he needs that schedule), meal times, and so on. We were all up early this morning, and by the time we made it to McDonald's, it was lunch and nap time, so H (who is in the middle of the clumsy growth spurt) was tired, and way over-excited to hit the playplace. They were running from the counter (we were just going to order some fries and water) to the door to the playplace, and were rushing so much that when H looked over his shoulder at me, wasn't watching where he was going. Damn, I knew there was a reason why I always ask them to walk when inside that place. He took the corner too wide, and *SMACK*! Right into one of their awful hard wooden stationary chairs, and landed with a thud on their yucky hard concrete floor. There I was mildly panicking, and trying to get the blood off enough to see the damage, and with him screaming and crying, and the other patrons staring and gawking...I couldn't concentrate.
Eventually we headed to the Dr's, and he taped up his chin, and told us to keep it taped to help the wound heal faster.
It's in times like this where I feel completely alone. There are people out there who have people they can call to unload to...and I'm just not one of them. Never really have been. I have lots of friends, and am part of the community here, but they all remain aquaintances, and not the type of people you could call in an emergency situation. I don't really keep anyone around that I can vent to without fear of burning their ears, or having them make a judgement and opinion about my lifestyle. That makes me feel alone.
It's been something I've craved since I dropped out of high school. It's been that long since I've had a good and healthy close friend. There have been a few friends between now and then, but they were unhealthy, the kind that promoted un-married-like behaviour from myself.
Maybe I'm just drained from dealing with the mishap, maybe I'm touching on a note that's been lingering since I moved back. Really, in the end, it's an issue that I need to deal with.
I'm just glad little Mr is ok.

5 thoughtful remarks:

Ronnie said...

Sounds like you handled the situation fairly well. And once the dust settles (or even in the midst), you can call me...

Jack said...

Aww the poor dear! Hope his head is feeling better today :)

cebu pictures said...

ngano diay lonely kay na a man ka bana

Billy Rhythm said...

Have you found a church to attend yet? Maybe there are some people there that would be willing to lead you a shoulder and an ear.

Osbasso said...

Awww...the poor guy.

You know I'd be your friend if I lived nearby!