Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it!
First of all, read a story in the paper today, it was a write up on the cafe I'm working at.
Second, right next to said article was a small blurb stating that Trevor Linden is coming to my little itty bitty town to aid a grand opening of a bank, and will be signing autographs. Seriously. I dunno what the guy did, but I do know I grew up hearing his name often, as a Canuck player. So, I read up on him on Wikipedia. I can't wait to introduce my kids to someone who was a household name while I was growing up.
Back in 2003 The Prime Minister of Canada at the time, Jean Cretein, came to Kelowna to view the damage done by the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire, as it was substantial in the amount of damage it did to one section of town. I was adamant that I take D (who was barely 15 months old then) to go and see him. Mr thought it would be impossible to get anywhere's near him, so decided not to tag along. After his press conference, we waited in the hallway that he would be coming through, and as he walked by, he stopped, made a beeline for us, and tweaked D's pudgy little cheek before shaking my hand and carrying on. That moment will stay forever in my memory. My oldest son was noticed by the Canadian Prime Minister (and I got to shake his hand). I was very proud (especially considering I liked him and how he handled his job).
This Saturday's excursion to meet Mr. Linden will be a close equal for me. I remember hearing his name, cheering for him, and listening to my family members yelling his name when he made a goal.

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