Thursday, July 09, 2009

Travel Tales

Alrighty. Day two is down, and we're on to day three.
We arrived lastnight, later than planned, at our hotel in Black Hawk, South Dakota. I cannot believe the fabulous service I received. My night turned into one of those nights, after we arrived. I had to do laundry, so as soon as we got in, I bathed the kids and headed down to the lobby for their guest laundry. Managed to get my stuff in rather quickly which was surprising, as I must've caught the tail end of a lineup for it. Did some blogging and left the kids with MIL & Mr while I got a sanity check. Afterwards, I checked out their lounge and waited until my laundry was done.
The service, first I was surprised that they had a super sized box of Baking Soda for me to borrow (soaked bottoms stink, and Baking Soda gets the odor out) for my laundry, they brought extra towels and blankets (already had mega pillows on the beds), gave me envelopes & paper for a couple of letters, had stamps available for purchase, and were very informative as to the local area. When I went to come upstairs after my laundry was done I forgot which room I was in, and wound up taking the evlevator back down to the front desk fromt he 3rd floor. After I came up and knocked, I realized that everyone had fallen asleep, and I didn't have a key to get in. Thankfully, the front desk lady was on my floor as well, delivering something to another room down the hall, so she was kind enough, to let me in.
Today the breakfast was filling and yummy.
We're headed to Mt Rushmore, YAY! Our first day of leisure I hope).
We had to pull over yesterday to wait out a huge storm passing through SD, so hopefully today we won'thit any delays. Cross your fingers. Oh yeah, I'm also breaking down and getting diapers for H, cause the rush has been on, and the wetting his pants thing is causing too much delay.
Anyhow, rushing out of the hotel again, everyone's getting mad at me for blogging...*sigh* why does the world have to move so fast??

2 thoughtful remarks:

Anonymous said...

well it sounds like it is going good!
have fun fun fun!

Jack said...

Good to hear from you! Glad all is well and tell everyone... blogging during your journey is NOT negotiable - we need updates every couple of days ;)