Friday, July 10, 2009

Much Slower

I'm happy to report that today was a lot slower than the previous days.
We left our creepy kind of hotel in Cody, Wyoming, and headed straight for Yellowstone National Park, with intentions of seeing Old Faithful.
It's been a really rough going on the boys. No real stopping for them to actually play and enjoy the beauty of one of their home countries. It's hard for me to see them feeling so rough. Screaming, crying, whining, yelling, and in general being extremely angry and tough to please.
I hadn't ever planned on having such long days, but it really happened that way. My family continually vents their frustrations to me, and though I listen, it doesn't neccesarily mean I agree with anything that they have to say. I certainly have my own opinions about why things are going the was they go.
So, today was a bit of a relief, as we arrived into our new hotel by 5:30 (when we left ours at 9am earlier), our shortest day so far. We pulled in and got our room, and no sooner were the big bags brought in, than the boys hit the pool for some R & R boys style. I left them to their devices and pulled everything out of the car, with intentions of getting it re-organized & cleaned up. Managed three loads of laundry before bed. That's disgusting to admit, but true. Now all I need to worry about is getting a good night's sleep and re-organizing my bags and getting everyone bathed & reloaded in the morning. Should've done it tonight, but oh well.
I get to go meet Os tomorrow morning, which I'm really looking forward to, as it's something solely on my agenda, and thus more accomodating than most items. After, we'll be checking into a hotel someplace in Spokane, and then Sunday it'll be onto Omak for the final leg of our trip.
I have to admit, in retrospect, I've felt truly honored to havebeen able to see such historic monuments, and each one I viewed gave me goosebumps. I hope we can make a trip like this again with the kids, except with it being more enjoyable, because even though I loved the monuments, the rest of the trip I have absolutely hated. Those are really strong words for me to be using, as I don't tend to approve of that word, but it is how I feel about this trip. I am now thanking my lucky stars that we are almost finished with it.
Okay, taking advice here, and heading to bed early, hopefully tomorrow will have a brighter outlook for me :o)

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