Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rose Valley Fire Video

I gave up hope of sleeping tonight. I'm way too anxious to do any of that. I've nearly chewn (is that a word?) all of my nails off, and I swear I could be wearing some holes in the carpet from pacing. Mom, D , H, and Mr went to bed, while Kim got up (he works nights, and this is the beginning of his vacation). I was visiting with various neighbors all day (basically the ones with either the best view of the ones with more beer). After everyone had gone to sleep I ventured out because I heard commotion on the street. I discovered that you could see the bright glow from the flames through the trees on our street. I asked Kim to walk with me to the main road so I could snag a few pictures, and he offered to drive me round a bit (something I would never do on my own, as I don't approve of looky-loo's. I only accepted cause I wouldn't be driving). On our way through our mobile home park, we discovered that we could see flames on both sides of us through the trees.
That sounds scary, but it's really not meant to, honest.
We now have the Glenrosa fire that's to the south, south-east, and south west of us (closing off the hwy & roads there), and a new one started not too far away to the north-west of us. This is the video I got from the one to the north-west of us. I'm having a hard time absorbing just how close this stuff all is to us. It's terrifying. If there is cause for us to be evacuated, there's really only going to be one way out. Here's hoping they can get them both under control tomorrow morning.
Check out my Flick to see more photos from the Glenrosa Fire and the Rose Valley Fire.
Did I mention that I can't sleep?

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