Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thursday Thunks

1. When you close a door, do you close it quick and just let it slam or do you hold the knob and slowly shut it tight? I probably slam it a bit...I close it slowly until it's just cracked open, then I yard really hard, and twist the knob to make sure it's closed and locked properly. Our last place had doors that wouldn't shut right it you just pulled lightly, and we found our door open a number of times, just from the wind when we got home, so I learned to slam it a bit.
2.Train A is moving at 60 miles an hour. Train B is moving at 22 miles an hour. They will pass each other at X time. Now what color shoes are you wearing when train A derails? A Bronze pair of flip flops.

3. What if M&M's grew on trees? What color M&M tree would you have? A Yellow or a purple one. Why can't I have a rainbow one?

4. How many petals on a flower does it take to make it the perfect bloom? Don't know, depends on how big it is, and even then it's always gotta be an Odd Number

5. I took you to spend $421.67 on you, what did we spend that money on? Fabric. Take me to a Jo-Ann's or Hancocks, or whatever, and I'll be happy.

6. If you were a squash, what type of squash would you be? A Spaghetti. I'm all about pretending to be something else entirely when I am, in fact, good for you.

7. Have you ever gotten a wrong number call and ended up talking to the person for longer than 5 minutes? Sure have. I'm friendly like that.
8. Why haven't you joined Berleen & Kimber at Insanity Cafe yet? Do we stink? Naw, I'd rather be sewing.
9. Now for one of Ber's questions back when TT was brand new... Shampoo bottles say lather, rinse, repeat... do you? Yes, I do. I shampoo my hair at least twice while in the shower, depending on what I'm up to for the day, I'll sometimes do it three times. My hair produces a lot of oils, so twice is needed to rid it of the previous days oils.
10. It's July, the year is half over. Do you see it as "whew that part is over" or best is yet to come? I'm going home this month, the best is definitely yet to come.

11. Why do you do the Thursday Thunks meme? Because I needed something to fill in my Thursdays, it used to be that I had nothing to post on Thursdays. I've been doing this meme almost as long as I've been doing Friday Fill-Ins.

5 thoughtful remarks:

Theresa said...

Love your squash answer!

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

You sometimes do it three times? Wow. Nothing's nekkid here...

Ragtop Day said...

Love spaghetti squash! Just wish it weren't so darn hard to cut!

I find if I wash every day that one lather, rinse works just fine. If I skip a day though, repeat is definitely in order.

Good luck on your move - the best IS yet to come!

Kitten said...

Spaghetti squash is wonderful when it's in season! Plus it's so easy to make. I just stab it with a fork and pop it in the microwave. Yum!

(Good analogy, BTW). :)

Hepburn Hilton said...

I am a door slammer to! Espeacially car doors, they are easy to slam Derek always get upset with me...

An mnm three.. I don't like chocoloate.. Odd, huh?

Have a great weekend!