Monday, August 18, 2008

One Week

That's totally crazy in itself.
Anyhow, we've got some tentative plans on what we're doin now.
Monday the 25th I hafta go to Cleveland to do my Biometrics with Immigration (kinda worried bout that), so I'm going to miss D's first day of school. Very disappointing. Chance said he'll be sure to take the camera though, which is a relief.
Monday evening of course, mom and Kim get here. Tuesday we have to stay home so mom can wait by the phone in case the Payroll replacement is having difficulties with his job, and we also have Speech therapy as well, which means I'll miss his second day...I suck.
Wednesday we're supposed to be heading to Cedar Point, which will be my first day of walking D to school, yay! Ronnie's gonna watch the kids while we go to CP.
Thursday I dunno what we're doin...hafta look it up.
Friday is supposed to be when we're havin the party for mom, though who knows who'll actually show up. I'm not holding my breath, I have a horrible track record with these things.
I'm so super duper tired and lazy feeling today after all the events of the weekend. I'm exhausted, and all I want to do is sleep.
Hunter has begun to talk more, he has now entered Me, Bye bye, Hi (though I've only heard it once), block, and a few others that I can't seem to recall right now.
Speech Therapy tomorrow morning, and who knows what else we'll get up to.
I'm so not ready for this week to fly by

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Anonymous said...

You are a busy mom who's seeing to the needs of your children - it's not like Dari is going to his first or second day alone - he'll have family and though it may be disappointing that you'll only have video and pictures, you'll be there for other "firsts."