Thursday, August 28, 2008


Wowee...We picked mom & Kim up at 12:something Monday evening, and of course had the long drive back. Almost wasn't ablle to get to sleep once I went, and the next day was a pretty rough one for us all as hardly any of us got any sleep, so we were all bleary eyed and tired. We each had naps throughout the day. Hunter was so cranky and tired he kept hurting himself, and he even pitched a fit where he did nothing but scream for an entire 20 minutes.
Dariuses first few days of school have gona smoothly for him, he says he can't remember who everyone is, but he's trying. He keeps saying he's getting into "just a little bit of mischief". He's enjoying the new routine that he's getting into, and we're slowly adjusting to not having him around for the majority of the day.
Hunter is beginning to get the idea that we're going to be going on morning walks, so I think a new schedule is forming. Hmm...
Hunter was tired again today, and pitched a fit after mom and I went out for breakfast (I was too lazy to cook, but I was starving) and the library. Right in the middle of the library when I said it was time to go he started screaming, and he didn't stop until well after we got home over a half an hour later. *sigh* I guess maybe this could be the terrible twos showing it's face? Two huge fits in a row, really unusual, and not like him in the least. Hum.
I'm tired...LOL
Yesterday we made off to Cedar Point Amusement park and spent the entire day (from 12 - 7) there having fun wandering around, checking things out and waiting for others to ride the rides. I could hardly move when we got home cause I chose to wear running shoes instead of something more broken in, and my feet decided that they hated the damned things. It sucked. Anyhow, had loads of fun, and even got mom onto a rollercoaster or two, and Kimmie even rode my fav one, the Millenium Force. It was raining by the time we left though, but the rest of the weather wasn't too horrible, not too hot, and not too cold.
Lastnight after getting home, and fending off the craziness upon arrival, and getting the kids to sleep, we went to Wal Mart to go wander...and the people who work there are just stupid. It took us thirty minutes just to get through the check-out, and it took about 10 to get someone in the back to cut fabrics. Silly.
Today has been abit lazy, and I have yet to shower, but I'll get to it before we go out for dinner I spose.
Everyone's been taking turns walking Darius to and back from school, which is a nice way to begin the year I suppose. I walked him for the first time this morning, and was just waking up from a nap when we got home.
Anyhow, we're keeping busy busy, and having fun each day. I'm happy to have them here, and we're doing our best to ensure they enjoy themselves.
I need to go and shower...blah.

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