Thursday, August 07, 2008

Not too long now until mom and Kim get here. Still gotta get the Cedar Point passes and figure out what we're planning on doing.
Got mom's tentative schedule, it'll help us build something with it, thankfully. :o)
I feel a bit overwhelmed...damned hormones. :oP Should go away soon I hope.
Did some sewing today, finished the curtains for the bathroom, and fixed a pair of shorts that were too small by adding in a strip of denim from other cut-off on either side of the leg to widen them a bit. They look good. Finally got around to taking in some shirts that Ronnie gave me :o)
Hoping to have made a really pretty dress in the next day or two, but we're looking pretty busy for it, so who knows if I'll have
Playdate tomorrow morning, then gotta his the grocery store to get a melon or two for the company BBQ for Ronnie on Saturday...sounds like it'll be lots of fun, and I'm taking both cameras (since I have my batteries back for both now).
Got the airbed for mom and Kim to sleep on today, yay!
Anyhow, gonna make it an early night so I don't feel stressed tomorrow. Extra sleep always helps my frame of mind.

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