Sunday, August 10, 2008


Am working on our monthly letter today, or at least begun it...
Uploaded pictures from yesterday's BBQ. I didn't take a whole lot, and the only ones of me are from b4 we left, not surprising. I really would like to have more pictures of me without using a time, but oh well, I assume it's asking too much.
I put my finger on what's bothering me most about my friends' behavior. It's the fact that I actually need their support and companionship now, and they're not around. I was always there for them, I guess that makes them fair weather friends, and absolutely useless to me.
It's always disappointing to realize that about people.
I guess I just need to tuck my head down and deal with my shit on my own, as I always have.

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Hekter81 said...

That's how i've been feeling as of late,first i had to deal with hannah just ditching me and as soon as i got over that i have to deal with not having my brother's with me as much as i want to be.So i go to work and deal with jerk's there and come home to a boring quite place,all i can do is talk with people online now.But thing's can only get better i hope