Saturday, August 09, 2008

BBQ & New Home

Uploaded pix to Flickr of the house, but only the upstairs so far...still need to upload and edit from today's company BBQ for LCCS (Lorrain County Children Services) for Rhonda.
Was fun, I made a watermelon bowl with melon balls, and chocolate mousse cream puffs. Both were super yummy. They had a WaterSlide (The inflatable kind you get from Wal Mart or where ever), a Badmonton net, Trampoline, Baseball diamond set up, Volleyball net, Cornhole, basketball hoops, a playset (swings, slide etc), and another game I didn't recognize.
To eat they had turkey, chicken, and roast all the sides ppl brought and some delicious sides they made as well. I enjoyed the perogies the most, but they were boiled and not fried. Still, it's been a while, for some reason they're outrageously expensive here.
Darius had loads of sun playing with all of the other kids there, and hunter really enjoyed his Ama & Don time.
I was a bit disappointed at the lack of parental supervision by the other parents, as these are the folks who are supposed to be our legal role-models. Court House workers, LCCS workers, other various organizations that usually play a dominant role in society, and no one seemed to be on hand to snag their kids if they got into trouble.
Was an enjoyable afternoon out, and I ate my fair share of stuff...probably gained the 8 lbs I had lost...LOL

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